Setting The Bar: How High Should Your Student Expectations Be?

I was blessed and fortunate enough to have attended an exclusive small private college in Switzerland on a full-academic scholarship. Most of the students who attended came from privileged backgrounds.  Many were high-performing students, which was probably a good thing because this college was no walk in the park. This was one of the top five Hotel Management schools in Switzerland at the time.  Academic standards and performance expectations were extremely high. This was a school that had rules and expectations for everything in and out of the classroom. It was more like an elite military academy than a college. (more…)

Why I Chose To Teach


Dr. Fawaz Al-Malood

I spent most of my earlier professional career in the hospitality industry, and I am often asked why I decided to switch careers and teach.  The short answer is passion for training! I began entertaining the thought of teaching when I first entered college.  I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to become a professor. As an undergrad, my goal was to work my way up to the position of a General Manager within a 5-star hotel and then retire early so that I can teach. I loved the hospitality industry and was passionate about working in operations. However, something happened during my tenure within the industry;  I was given the opportunity to train a young man, and for some reason, the hotel that I was working for at the time could not locate the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) manual for the department.  Without a formal SOP or task list, I had to develop my own SOP and training material for this young man.  It was like developing an entire course from scratch, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The training plan I was putting together was supposed to be a two-week plan, but the trainee was able to learn and master his new job in less than a week.  I realized at that point that I was good at developing training materials and teaching.  And more importantly,  I loved it!  I gained more satisfaction from training another person than from anything else I had done within the industry.  It was at that point that my professional career goal began to shift, and I decided to pursue a career in academia as soon as I was done with grad school. (more…)