Faculty responsibilities can sometimes include administrative duties that have very little to do with day-today teaching. Let’s see if we can help you successfully navigate some of these responsibilities.

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CC Images Courtesy of Jan Jaromír Horák

Student Letters Of Recommendation

Student letters of recommendation
CC Images Courtesy of Jan Jaromír Horák

As we approach the end of a semester or academic year, we are sometimes flooded with requests from students to write them letters of recommendation. I’m usually honored to be asked to write these letters, and I usually look forward to working on them but only if they are warranted and meet the criteria that I establish for the students requesting the letter.

Screening and Managing Student Letters of Recommendation Requests

As faculty, our duties and responsibilities extend way beyond the classroom, and while we are typically compensated for working 40 hours a week, many of us actually invest 60-80 hours or more engaging in campus-related work. Due to our limited time, we need to be selective about who we write recommendation letters for and when.


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