Colleagues regularly ask me about the software, equipment, and websites that I use in the classroom or in managing my program.  So I thought it would be useful for me to provide you with a list of my favorite teaching tools.  You’ll find a combination of free and paid teaching tools listed below through my affiliate links. In the spirit of full disclosure, yes, I will receive a very small commission if you use my affiliate links. However, please note that I only list and recommend software, equipment, and services that I personally use and have found useful. This is a growing list that I’ll be updating with new resources as I discover more cool and useful tools. So keep checking this list periodically.


I love using Microsoft Teams as a tool to conduct 1-on-1 tutoring sessions or group meetings. It has a built-in feature that allows live captions, the ability for screen sharing, file sharing, as well as remote computer access.


Screen recording and video editing tool. It’s great on PC’s and Mac. Includes the ability to add captions to your videos. There are alternatives and a few open-source alternative, but this has been my favorite option due to its robust features.


This is a Audacity is the open-source software that I use to edit all of my audio files, including those in my videos.